These are barrels that were once used to age Templeton Rye Whiskey! 

Select barrels that we completely sand down, clean up, Bands are removed and sand-blasted then each are screwed in place for added stability and longevity of the barrel. We then apply an industrial clear finish to the barrel.  


Solid oak 53 gallon barrel

35" tall x 25" wide in center of barrel.

Similar to barrel pictured above.

Ships freight. $175 Per Barrel

Local Delivery...


Refinished Barrel

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Barrels will weather over time. They will dry out when not treated. We recommend having us screw the bands into place so they will not fall down as the barrel drys and shrinks. Purchasing a barrel with a finish coat applied also helps prevent this from happening. Please ask for more information on this.

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