These are barrels that were recently used to age Templeton Rye Whiskey.

Each barrel has its own rustic characteristics, but is similar to the barrel pictured above.

Solid oak 53 gallon barrel 35" tall x 25" wide in center of barrel.

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Raw Barrel

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  • Whiskey barrels are made out of solid quarter-sawn white oak. Depending on the dampness of the barrel, each one can weigh between 100-150 pounds They are 35” tall and 25” in diameter. Each barrel is made out of approximately 30-40 staves, two barrel heads, and six steel rings (or bands). Most barrels are still damp from the whiskey they once aged, so after we disassemble, it is important to allow time for the wood to dry. The inside of each barrel is charred, this is for flavor and color when the whiskey is aging. The charring also adds a great design element to each of our pieces. Charring on the staves and barrel heads is cleaned and sanded.

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